Enoch Powell

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Powell, Enoch,

1912–98, British politician. Educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, he was a fellow there (1934–38) and professor of Greek at the Univ. of Sydney, Australia (1937–39). He entered Parliament in 1950 as a Conservative from Wolverhampton and served as minister of health (1960–63). With the Conservative defeat in 1964, he became shadow minister of defense, but was dismissed (1968) when he stirred controversy by calling for an end to nonwhite immigration into Britain. He was the leading Conservative opponent to Britain's entry into the European Community and declined to seek reelection in Feb., 1974. He returned to Parliament as an Ulster Unionist from a Northern Ireland constituency in 1974 and held his seat until 1987. He strongly supported the province's continued separation from the Irish Republic.
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UKIP leader Nigel Farage reportedly tried to secure the public backing of infamous ex-Midland MP Enoch Powell for a by-election campaign 20 years ago.
He added that comparing his Tory colleagues to Enoch Powell was "a ridiculous thing to have done".
And raising the spectre of Enoch Powell today just plays into their hands.
BORN GERONIMO, Apache leader, 1829 TUPAC Shakur, US rapper, 1971 ENOCH Powell, English politician, 1912, above DIED GEORGE Reeves, US actor, 1959 WERNER von Braun, rocket scientist, 1977 LORD Reith, British broadcaster, 1971, above
Routeword clue: Haggard 1968: Powell slates immigration policy The Conservative right-winger Enoch Powell has made a hard-hitting speech attacking the government's immigration policy.
Portrait David The artist has painted likenesses of politicians including Enoch Powell, Quentin Hogg, Lords Cledwyn and Callaghan, and former Speaker George Thomas.
For anyone who missed it, someone filmed this mumof-two on a London tram spewing a foul-mouthed tirade that would have made Enoch Powell blush.
The former Labour Party member, 87, also reveals the "strange allies" he has had over the years, including Enoch Powell, who was famously sacked from the cabinet shortly after he made his controversial Rivers of Blood speech on immigration in 1968.
With regards Mr Loizou's article (Sunday Mail August 9) titled "Time to stop the 'them and us' rhetoric", in which he claims Enoch Powell was chairman of the Conservative party in 1988.
These were the lines which Enoch Powell paraphrased and quoted in a speech to the West Midlands Area Conservative Political Centre at the Midland Hotel on April 20 1968.
OUTSPOKEN radio star Sarah Kennedy has been given a BBC rocket for praising right-wing politician Enoch Powell.
CONSERVATIVE Nigel Hastilow yesterday resigned as a Parliamentary candidate after declaring that Enoch Powell was "right" when he gave his notorious "Rivers of Blood" anti-immigration speech.