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Recession of the eyeball into the orbital cavity.



a positioning of the eyeball in the orbit more to the rear than is normal. The most frequent cause is a severe trauma accompanied by fracture of the orbit walls and subsequent atrophy of the soft tissues. Enophthalmos is sometimes observed accompanying microphthalmia—a congenital condition in which the eyeball is abnormally small.

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Partial resections of the skull, naso-orbital and mandibular reconstructions are complex to resolve due to its anatomical characteristics and its posterior function that can result in enophthalmia, persistent diplopia or alterations on the facial symmetry (Gaillard et al, 1997; Leake et al, 2005; Chambless et al., 2012; Kelly et al., 2005; Sandalcioglu et al., 2005).
Bilateral enophthalmia is observed in the later stages of infection.