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until 1948, the name of the city of Svetogorsk, Leningrad Oblast, RSFSR.

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ENSO is comprised of two main platforms, ENSO Core and ENSO Color.
The problem has been, though, that reconstructions of ENSO from such paleo-proxies have not been telling the same story.
After evaluating a variety of different hosted PBX companies, Virtual PBX emerged as the obvious leader in the space with the services that could address all of our specific needs," said Danny Clark, president of ENSO Bottles.
In May, ENSO announced the additions of Julian Pittam as Head of EMEA and Stephen Caplen as Global COO to help grow the business and serve the firm's hedge fund clients, who collectively manage more than $750 billion in assets.
ENSO bottles with EcoPure[TM] have been tested and validated for recyclability through a third-party lab for ASTM D 1003 (Haze and Transmission), ASTM D 4603 (Intrinsic Viscosity), ASTM F 2013 (Acetaldehyde), Fluorescence Visual, and Visual Black Specks and Gels.
With most models calling for a cold event to come, ENSO aficionados will keep close tabs on the Pacific.
ENSO welcomes Dyal's decision to offer our leading analytical capabilities to its hedge fund partners," said Matthew Bernard, Partner of ENSO Financial Analytics.
A study of the period 1964-1987 shows that the ENSO has twice the strength of the QBO in affecting the length of day.
History is full of examples where science has provided the facts to overcome false beliefs, a principle that ENSO will continue through the pioneering of new information, technology and education.
There is a clear, compelling need for an industry-wide solution to help hedge funds with multiple counterparties who face a constant deluge of information, and who are looking for ways to improve their unique profiles with each dealer," said Matthew Bernard, Partner at ENSO.
During an ENSO, a large patch of warm water develops in the central equatorial Pacific at about the same time the atmospheric pressure drops over the eastern part of the ocean relative to the west.
Pittam joins ENSO from Data Explorers, a financial data and software company that was sold to Markit in 2012.