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MgOSiO2 A member of the pyroxene mineral group that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system; usually yellowish gray but becomes green when a little iron is present.



a mineral of the orthorhombic pyroxene group, last member of the isomorphic series enstatite, Mg2[Si2O6]–hypersthene, [Mg, Fe]2 [Si2O6]–ferrosilite, Fe2[Si2O6]. Enstatite contains not more than 5 percent FeO. It is colorless, greenish, or yellowish and has a hardness of 5.5 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 3,100–3,300 kg/m3. Enstatite is an important rock-forming mineral of magnesium-rich magmatic rocks. It alters to serpentine and talc upon the action of hydrothermal solutions.

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They compared these to meteorite samples, particularly enstatite chondrites and another type called enstatite achondrites.
The results suggest that a mixture of chondrites, rather than enstatite chondrites alone, probably combined to create the Earth.
As path T to P is alonga reaction curve, olivine reacts with the liquid and enstatite is precipitated.
13), where olivine reacts with the liquid, as enstatite precipitates.
That mineral also predominates in a group of meteorites called enstatite achondrites.
Significant quantities of enstatite have been observed from the southern part of the permit.
This spectrum was then compared with that of meteorites found on Earth that have been extensively studied in the laboratory and only one type of meteorite, enstatite chondrites, was found to have properties that matched Lutetia over the full range of colours.
Orthopyroxene forms in primitive (high-MgO) basalts but as differentiation proceeds, it is replaced by pigeonite once the enstatite component falls below 60 to 70 atomic percent.
005 to 1 micrometer and "silicate" (which could be enstatite, olivine, silicon carbide, iron or magnetite) grains ranging from 0.
The minerals include: enstatite, clinopyroxene, amphibole, mica, chromite, ilmenite, magnetite, garnet and corundum.
A wide variety of Mg-bearing materials, such as enstatite, fly ash and other industrial residues were investigated as potential starting materials for the industrial carbonation process.
18 Anomalous 53 0 Sample Chrome Ilmenite Chromite Olivine Enstatite Number Diopside SS-02 82 11 106 0 0 SS-04 78 6 96 1 1 SS-05 30 12 83 3 0 SS-06 47 3 75 0 0 SS-08 14 17 49 0 2 SS-09 25 13 119 1 0