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MgOSiO2 A member of the pyroxene mineral group that crystallizes in the orthorhombic system; usually yellowish gray but becomes green when a little iron is present.



a mineral of the orthorhombic pyroxene group, last member of the isomorphic series enstatite, Mg2[Si2O6]–hypersthene, [Mg, Fe]2 [Si2O6]–ferrosilite, Fe2[Si2O6]. Enstatite contains not more than 5 percent FeO. It is colorless, greenish, or yellowish and has a hardness of 5.5 on Mohs’ scale and a density of 3,100–3,300 kg/m3. Enstatite is an important rock-forming mineral of magnesium-rich magmatic rocks. It alters to serpentine and talc upon the action of hydrothermal solutions.

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The studied volcanic outcrops are constituted by lamproites composed by forsteritic olivine, Ti phlogopite, diopside, enstatite, richterite with Ti and K, leucite, and Fe-rich sanidine.
Minor diopside and enstatite are also observed in some dunites.
Their mineralogical composition is olivine (partly serpentinized), diopside, subordinate enstatite, and Fe-oxides.
Also in the KARP room were a dozen loose crystals of enstatite from Mogok which, for only about $100 tops, were remarkable bargains, considering that they are gemmy euhedral crystals of a rock-forming silicate species almost never seen as free-standing crystals at all.
Chromitite is a rock which consists, essentially, of the mineral chromite and a pyroxene mineral which usually has the approximate composition of enstatite, a silicate of magnesium, ([MgO.
254 nm could be related to enstatite (Downs, 2006); others at ~1, 0.
The harzburgite consist of enstatite 25-30 Percent , olivine 5 - 10 Percent , serpentine 55-60 Percent and spinel 3-5 Percent .
Scientists had thought that most of the bodies that merged to make Earth formed from a narrow zone in space and were similar to each other, belonging to a subclass of meteorites called enstatite chondrites.
The new mineral, dubbed "Wassonite," was discovered inside the Yamato 691 enstatite chondrite meteorite by American researchers from NASA as well as scientists from Japan and South Korea.
Besides, thermal treatments at 1200 up to 1600 AC and the presence of enstatite, which can be introduced adverse side-effects, are essential to achieve forsterite structures.
Steins is as an E-type asteroid, with a surface dominated by the silicate mineral enstatite.