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Infestation of the intestinal tract of humans with the nematode Enterobius vermacularis (pinworm); characterized by mild enteritis.



a human disease of the helminthiasis group, caused by the pinworm (Oxyuris vermicularis). Enterobiasis most often affects children. Infection occurs when ova of the helminth are swallowed. The source of infection is an infected human. The principal symptom is itching in the anal region, where the pin-worms deposit their ova. The disease is frequently accompanied by nausea, occasional stomach pain, diarrhea, irritability, and disrupted sleep.

Enterobiasis is treated with piperazine or other anthelmintics. Preventive measures consist in observing cleanliness of the body, clothing, dwelling, and school and work premises. The underwear of patients is pressed each day with a hot iron; before sleep the perineum is washed with soap and warm water and close-fitting underclothing is put on.


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