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Once a report prints on the MessageQube, it's also posted to the employer's online Enterprise Dashboard where management can view and manage reports, including documenting corrective action taken and escalating reports to higher authorities.
The enterprise dashboard presents broad department information, countywide monthly revenue and expense activity, economic indicators, and a "What if Lab" that allows users to plug in information and explore scenarios.
By making data easy to find, this BI tool—adds to the company's Enterprise Dashboard tool and Practice Management reports library—and gives urgent cares further insight into overall financial health.
An enterprise dashboard provides visibility into the entire network infrastructure including data about network connections and devices, as well as topology mapping.
today officially launched PowerGadgets Mobile at Citrix Synergy 2010, an enterprise dashboard solution that leverages Citrix XenApp(TM) and Citrix Receiver(TM) for Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile to allow any organization access to information and to display key performance indicators (KPIs) on any mobile device.
The new release offers the following new features and improvements: a new enterprise dashboard, which automates installation and administration; monitoring features that help administrators address problems before system availability is impacted; the ability to add servers or remove existing servers from a Subversion MultiSite or Subversion High Availability implementation without downtime; the ability to perform upgrades without disrupting user access; as well as the ability to selectively replicate Subversion repositories only to some locations.
Summary: Focus Softnet today announced the launch of Focus i, a revolutionary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to feature a Business Intelligence (BI) module, an Enterprise dashboard and a comprehensive Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) module.
iDashboards is an enterprise dashboard application helping companies leverage their information assets in real time through visually rich, responsive and personalized business intelligence dashboards.
At the core of the AdminStudio 5 solution is the new Application Catalogue a single database repository that serves as the coordination hub of all application migration and lifecycle management data and tasks, The catalogues Enterprise Dashboard shows the state of every application at all times.
Sunbird's new Enterprise Dashboard provides dynamic views of an entire enterprise on a single pane of glass -- with each data center represented by a color-changing tile based on live data.
ProTrack Workforce Management software has been launched by TZA, with an enhanced Enterprise Dashboard module.
enterprise dashboard where customers can get information about their business
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