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corporate portal

An internal website (intranet) that provides proprietary, enterprise-wide information to company employees as well as access to selected public websites and vertical-market websites (suppliers, vendors, etc.). It includes a search engine for internal documents as well as the ability to customize the portal page for different user groups and individuals. It is the internal equivalent of the general-purpose portal on the Web.

There are several comprehensive enterprise information portal (EIP) software packages, including BEA WebLogic Portal (, ATG Portal (, Sybase Enterprise Portal (, CleverPath Portal ( and Vignette Application Portal ( See portal, vertical portal, business intelligence portal and personalization.

Portal Software
Products such as MyEureka provided out-of-the-box portal software that could be customized. This example is a page that delivered news and links to pages and sites of personal interest. (Screen shot courtesy of Information Advantage, Inc.) See MyEureka.
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IBM's Enterprise Information Portal allows portal developers like Visual Mining to use common interfaces to access, manipulate and unite data from a broad spectrum of data sources.
IBM's Enterprise Information Portal is the first step of a company-wide software strategy designed to help corporations leverage the vast and growing amount of information supporting today's e-business applications.
One of the problems afflicting the enterprise information portal market is the lack of a good definition of an EIP.
Respondents also considered the control of user access to information quite important; given this, it's not surprising that they also considered support for LDAP an important factor in choosing an enterprise information portal.
One of the fundamental capabilities of an enterprise information portal is personalization: the ability to customize the presentation of organizational data to meet the specific needs of individual users.
Even VARs and integrators who don't themselves need a portal may find this a fun and relatively painless way to learn about enterprise information portals and explore the profit potential of this new market.
Cognos' enterprise business intelligence solutions combined with the IBM Enterprise Information Portal will provide our customers with a true end-to-end solution for the widest range of reporting and analysis.
Combining Epicentric's portal tools and solutions with IBM's Enterprise Information Portal as the foundation, will allow companies to quickly enable customized portal solutions.
In addition to its long-standing ability to scan Lotus Notes* databases and categorize Lotus Notes documents and attachments, Plumtree now offers new services within the Plumtree Portal for searching IBM image and COLD repositories, accessing data warehouses and Lotus Notes document databases, as well as other repositories available through the IBM Enterprise Information Portal.
With their increased funding, Viador is now positioned to define and lead the emerging Enterprise Information Portal market," said General Partner Virginia Turezyn of ITV.
Enterprise information portals (EIP) integrate access to information and applications to enhance the decision support and productivity of the user for the user.
com/reports/c7839) has announced the addition of Enterprise Information Portals - An Evaluation and Comparison to their offering.

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