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VAI caters to medium and large-sized businesses, and I am eager to build upon the firm's already established reputation within this sector and expand into new areas of enterprise management.
ASG Enterprise Management solutions provide efficient, end-to-end business service management by proactively alerting and historically reporting event management for the components in your IT enterprise infrastructure.
Social Enterprise Management (SEM) is a new category of enterprise software that is client-centric and leverages COTS products to transform as well as modernize health, human services, labor, and social security agencies.
CE[bar]ram Software is the leading provider of Social Enterprise Management (SEM) software solutions delivering best-in-class applications for social enterprises including, health, human services, labor, workers' compensation, and social security programs.
The combined R&D group is three times the size of any competing enterprise management software provider serving the trucking industry.
The acquisition of Welcom strategically complements Deltek's 20-plus-year standing as the worldwide leader in enterprise management software for project-focused organizations," said Kevin Parker, president and CEO of Deltek.
Curam Software, the leading provider of Social Enterprise Management (SEM) software solutions, today announced the appointment of John Polakowski as the Vice President of Curam's new Product Consulting organization, and the appointment of Tom Deise as the Vice President of Global Services for North America.

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