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city (1990 pop. 20,123), Coffee co., SE Ala.; inc. 1896. It is a peanut-shipping center with many peanut-processing establishments. There are also lumber and textile mills and plants that make concrete. The region's diversified farming began after the boll weevil destroyed (1910–15) the cotton; in gratitude for the resulting prosperity, the city erected (1919) a monument to the boll weevil.


starship on 5-year mission to explore space. [Am. TV: Star Trek in Terrace]


a. initiative in business
b. (as modifier): the enterprise culture
2. a business unit; a company or firm


A business, generally a large one.


(1) Any undertaking or project, with the implication that it is of reasonable size and complexity.

(2) The entire organization, including all of its subsidiaries. It implies a large corporation or government agency, but it may also refer to a company of any size with many systems and users to manage. It depends on context. A corner candy store is "someone's enterprise." The terms "enterprise," "company," "corporation" and "organization" are used synonymously.

Enterprise Class
When one hears about an "enterprise class device," it means high-end equipment typically for the large organization. See enterprise computing, enterprise architecture and enterprise networking.
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If this meant Grace Enterprize was charging people to find work, it was committing a criminal offence.
On Teesside, the Tees Valley LEP oversees the allocation of regional growth fund money - and is also behind the setting up of an Teesside enterprize zone which aims to draw in investment through lower business rates and less red tape.
Alternatively SEOJuice has the higher-end Powerful Small Business Package and the Professional Enterprize Package offering similar services with increased activity in all areas - for example the latter package offers 5180 plus recorded back-links per month, which can be an excellent choice for businesses where the keywords are highly competitive.
Tom Lawton, Birmingham-based partner and head of manufacturing at BDO, says: "There is a real willingness to recruit and the Enterprize Zones will only increase the demand further - this is great news, but the key issue is that it is very difficult for employers to find people with the adequate skills set to fit the role.
Sponsors included Enterprize Variety Stores, in Gosford Street, and the scenery used by loaned by the GEC Variety Society and the YMCA.
Proofpoint secures and improves enterprize email infrastructure with solutions for email archiving, encryption and data loss prevention.
Action on vacating an easement for Wildish Construction, adding the Springfield Social Gaming/Texas Hold 'em Poker Card Tournament to the city ordinances, extending an enterprize zone for Symantec Corp.
After the colloquy, which Satan manipulates to ensure his status as absolute commander and lone hero, he instructs the devils to seek to improve the environs of Hell and to keep a constant watch against their "Foe" while he seeks "Deliverance for us all: this enterprize / None shall partake with me" (PL II, 456-66).
Reducing the tax forced conferees to cut bach sharply on the enterprize zone proposal, to eliminate the family preservation assistance program, and to limit the increase in the earned income tax credit.
The report into Easton Enterprize at Colour Connex at the Linthwaite Business Centre says the proprietors have not attended to any of the items highlighted at their previous inspection.
He said that trying to to keep politics out of the enterprize zone decision was going to be difficult
Based in Genval, Belgium, Nomado was a finalist at the BeCommerce and Enterprize Awards 2009 and according to the IT magazine datanews.