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see lemurlemur
, name for prosimians, or lower primates, of two related families, found only on Madagascar and adjacent islands. Lemurs have monkeylike bodies and limbs, and most have bushy tails about as long as the body. They have pointed muzzles and large eyes.
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(Indri indri) a mammal of the family Indridae of the order Primates. The body length measures 60–70 cm and the tail length, 3–6 cm. The extremities, especially the digits, hands, and feet, are elongated, and the head is small. The color of the fur ranges from black to almost white. The indri inhabits the mountain regions of Madagascar at an elevation of about 1,800 m. A crepuscular animal, it lives in trees and feeds on vegetation. A single offspring is born after a gestation period of 60 days.