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What does it mean when you dream about envelopes?

Envelopes usually signify anticipation or opportunity within a dream. If envelopes remain unopened, it may indicate that the dreamer has missed an opportunity. If the dreamer is eagerly anticipating an envelope’s contents, it may mean that the dreamer will experience a wonderful outcome of an event in waking life.

References in classic literature ?
One of the letters had at once attracted Richard's attention not only because the envelope was addressed in red ink, but because he seemed to have seen the writing before.
They laid a cover for him between Mills and Dona Rita, who quite openly removed the envelopes she had brought with her, to the other side of her plate.
The ball had hardly rested on the bottom of the hole before Gossett had begun to tear the telegrams from their envelopes.
She told us a great deal that was interesting about Borrioboola-Gha and the natives, and received so many letters that Richard, who sat by her, saw four envelopes in the gravy at once.
He wore a rose in his button-hole; he gave the French salutation--two flips of the hand in front of the face; he called Paris Pairree in ordinary English conversation; he carried envelopes bearing foreign postmarks protruding from his breast-pocket; he cultivated a moustache and imperial, and did what else he could to suggest to the beholder his pet fancy that he resembled Louis Napoleon--and in a spirit of thankfulness which is entirely unaccountable, considering the slim foundation there was for it, he praised his Maker that he was as he was, and went on enjoying his little life just the same as if he really had been deliberately designed and erected by the great Architect of the Universe.
When he fell into a heavy sleep on the sofa on the verandah, without having had the courage to open a single one of the three envelopes, he again dreamed a painful dream, and once more that poor, "sinful" woman appeared to him.
The papers had been made up into sealed envelopes, one or two of which had been opened by the police.
They trod their way through her mind as she sat opposite her mother of a morning at a table heaped with bundles of old letters and well supplied with pencils, scissors, bottles of gum, india-rubber bands, large envelopes, and other appliances for the manufacture of books.
Papers lay to left and to right of him, there were great envelopes so gorged with papers that they spilt papers on to the table.
After her death I found that she had preserved in a little box, with a photograph of me as a child, the envelopes which had contained my first cheques.
My first impulse was to await darkness before attempting to cross the plain, so deeply implanted are habits of thought; but of a sudden I recollected the perpetual noonday brilliance which envelopes Pellucidar, and with a smile I stepped forth into the day-light.
I put the letters into envelopes and addressed them, but I didn't seal them up.