Environment Canada

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Environment Canada

Address:70 Cremazie St
Gatineau, QC K1A0H3

Web: www.ec.gc.ca Description:National agency charged with preserving and improving the quality of the natural environment, including water, air and soil. Works to help people make responsible decisions about the environment. Aids in protecting more than 400 species of internationally shared migratory birds, 11 million hectares of habitat, and 340 plant and animal species facing extinction. Funds more than 560 community action projects in support of the protection of Canada's natural heritage.

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But when they started to fundraise for the project, Mitchell said, people in the Canadian Wildlife Service of Environment Canada pointed that because of the wording being used, such as "caring for our land, stewardship and conservation in Canada," it was a good idea to involve Aboriginal people.
Environment Canada said temperatures in the province could hit -38C to -48C.
The call, placed 45 minutes after the leak, was the first indication that something had gone wrong, said an Environment Canada representative, who spoke with typical Canadian elan.
Moulins added, "Intra-company transfers of recyclable materials account for most of the total releases and transfers that Noranda reports to Environment Canada's National Pollutant Release Inventory.
The meeting was sponsored by the Canada Millennium Partnership Program, the Climate Change Action Fund, the Meteorological Service of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Canadian Polar Commission, the Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network of Environment Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Kaufman Footwear, CALM Air International, Manitoba Hydro, Blackwell Science, Parks Canada Agency, OmniTRAX, the Churchill Chamber of Commerce, Conservation Manitoba, Northern Lights Cinema, The Arctic Trading Company, Northern Images, and Great White Bear Tours.
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While there is much that Environment Canada could be doing to support EE on a national level, they almost never receive letters from the public asking that they dedicate resources towards EE.
This report from Canada (Environment Canada) summarizes observed trends in the net anthropogenic sources and sinks of greenhouse gases in Canada, as well as the methodologies used to estimate them, and associated uncertainties.
In December, 1995, Environment Canada responded with a proposal for a revised CEPA, and is inviting public comment on the document.
Environment Canada said the Maritimes could feel an intense weather system later this week.
* Restrictive new protocols were implemented at Environment Canada in 2007 and Natural Resources Canada in 2010 requiring scientists to obtain government permission before speaking to the media.
An international team of researchers led by Environment Canada has published the first satellite-based study of air quality over Alberta's oil sands operation.

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