Environment Canada

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Environment Canada

Address:70 Cremazie St
Gatineau, QC K1A0H3

Web: www.ec.gc.ca Description:National agency charged with preserving and improving the quality of the natural environment, including water, air and soil. Works to help people make responsible decisions about the environment. Aids in protecting more than 400 species of internationally shared migratory birds, 11 million hectares of habitat, and 340 plant and animal species facing extinction. Funds more than 560 community action projects in support of the protection of Canada's natural heritage.

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Soon after the tornado touched down on a highway near the area, Environment Canada said the twister had lifted and that "the threat of a future tornado is no longer imminent.
In tests Environment Canada conducted on rainbow trout, samples of the green substance killed all the fish within 24 hours.
Environment Canada scientists were shadowed and monitored by media-relations handlers at the International Polar Year conference in April 2012.
Environment Canada published its proposed VOC concentration limits for consumer products on January 21.
The maps provide highway route weather conditions and forecasts, current road weather stations data, weather warnings, BC HighwayCams and Environment Canada city/airport weather data and forecasts, as well as links to Environment Canada's WeatherOffice website.
Environment Canada has apparently thrown in the towel in its legal efforts to shut down Winnipeg-based XPotential Products Inc.
The report is financially supported by the following organizations: Industry Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Syncrude, EPCOR, HRDC, DFAIT, Imperial Tobacco, Environics International, Transcanada, Telus, Talisman, Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation.
He previously served as Deputy Minister of Environment Canada.
The National Water Research Institute in Burlington Ontario, a division of Environment Canada, has detected low levels of hormones from birth control pills in water samples.
Environment Canada, a science-based department of the Canadian government, has concluded that wintertime road salts do more than mess up your car's paint job.
Airborne toxic substances continue to make their way into the waters and surrounding watershed of the Great Lakes, even though many of them have been banned in Canada and the United States for years, according to a report by Environment Canada released at the end of May.
MAP was developed in 1989 by Environment Canada as a cost and energy efficient process.

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