Environmental Defense

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Environmental Defense

Address:257 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010

Web: www.environmentaldefense.org
Established: 1967. Description:Links science, economics, and law to create solutions to environmental problems. Goals include stabilizing the earth's climate, safeguarding the world's oceans, protecting human health, and defending and restoring biodiversity. Maintains regional offices throughout the United States. Members: 500,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Solutions (bimonthly); free. Wide variety of other print and online materials.

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CONTACT: Environmental Defense Oceans Program, (212) 505-2100, www.
A lot of people saw the ad, and it hit a nerve, and they donated or became a member of [the Environmental Defense Fund]," says Robert Harris, associate director of the group's toxic chemicals program from 1973 to 1979 and cofounder of the environmental consulting firm Environ International Corporation in Princeton, New Jersey.
We are asking for more stringent regulations than what was proposed,'' said Lolita Echeverria, of the Environmental Defense Center.
As part of these efforts, we are proud to announce our participation in EDF Climate Corps, a program through Environmental Defense Fund, which places specially trained MBA and MPA students in companies to build the business case for energy efficiency.
Consumers who care about this issue need to let their catalog companies know," Gwen Ruta of Environmental Defense suggests.
x], approved by the EPA in early 2001, Environmental Defense called on the agency to withhold additional pending approvals in states including Michigan, New Hampshire, and Illinois.
Florida, the Gulf Coast states, and the nation's economy are still suffering from the BP oil disaster, so we wanted to highlight this vital issue before the nationally televised presidential debate tonight and the first Gulf state primary on Tuesday," said Elizabeth Thompson, director of congressional affairs & president of Environmental Defense Action Fund.
For instance, under the Industrial Ecology and Systems of Innovation link, visitors can access the Environmental Defense Scorecard, which lists the top environmental issues in specific areas and includes a database of local pollution problems searchable by geographic area or company name.
The report defends his office against complaints from the Environmental Defense Center, the Community and Children's Advocates Against Pesticide Poisoning, and the California Public Interest Research Group, who have called for McPhail to be fired.
It's not surprising that an agent [lead]that impedes cell-to-cell communication would in fact affect auditory processing," says Ellen Silbergeld, a lead toxicologist with the Environmental Defense Fund in
NEW YORK -- BusinessWeek Special Ad Sections and Environmental Defense will explore the implications of global warming for the $6 trillion world energy economy--and for all businesses--in a special advertising section this March.
The trustees rightly recognize the urgent need for a comprehensive strategy that puts BP's $1 billion down payment on the Natural Resource Damage Assessment to work quickly restoring Gulf ecosystems and communities that were impacted by the oil disaster," said a joint statement by Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy, Ocean Conservancy and Oxfam America.

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