Environmental Defense

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Environmental Defense

Address:257 Park Ave S
New York, NY 10010

Web: www.environmentaldefense.org
Established: 1967. Description:Links science, economics, and law to create solutions to environmental problems. Goals include stabilizing the earth's climate, safeguarding the world's oceans, protecting human health, and defending and restoring biodiversity. Maintains regional offices throughout the United States. Members: 500,000. Dues: $25/year.
Publications: Solutions (bimonthly); free. Wide variety of other print and online materials.

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The Environmental Defense Fund isn't recommending that parents avoid certain foods or brands for their children but does advise that they consult their pediatrician about all means of lead exposure.
Environmental Defense Fund has successfully demonstrated that market-based environmental policies such as the cap-and-trade program for acid rain and the catch shares program for ocean fisheries can be effective for the environment and the economy.
Working in these two states provides an opportunity to quantify methane emissions reductions as carbon offsets," the Environmental Defense Fund said in a news release.
Upon her return to civilian life, where she is now consulting for the Environmental Defense Fund, she spoke with reason about her three biggest frustrations with life on the inside.
Co-sponsored by Brookings Institution and Environmental Defense Fund.
manufacturing, indicates a report from the Environmental Defense Fund, Washington, D.
The Environmental Defense Fund helped Wal-Mart develop its bag reduce strategy.
This new aquaculture purchasing policy sets a high bar for food retailers eager to provide healthy, ocean-friendly seafood for consumers," said Becky Goldburg, a senior scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund, which had some input into the policy.
According to a new report by the Environmental Defense Fund, reducing US greenhouse gas emissions will account for less than two percent of household budgets Over the next 20 years.
Krupp, who is President of the Environmental Defense Fund, has joined with Horn, an EDF staffer, to describe what the global community needs to achieve in order to reduce the effects of global warming.
Krupp and Horn, of the Environmental Defense Fund, describe inventors and investors with the courage and creativity to drive change.
Olson has worked as a communications aide at the Environmental Defense Fund and as an energy reporter for Hart Publications.

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