climate change

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climate change:

see global warmingglobal warming,
the gradual increase of the temperature of the earth's lower atmosphere as a result of the increase in greenhouse gases since the Industrial Revolution. Global warming and its effects, such as more intense summer and winter storms, are also referred to as climate
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Climate change

Attributed directly or indirectly to human activity that alters the composition of the global atmosphere and is in addition to natural climate variability over comparable time periods; often used to describe global warming with environmental implications including temperature and sea-level rises; changes in rainfall and the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events; groundwater, atmospheric, and ocean circulation patterns and locations; and displacement of ecosystems and commercial resources.

climate change

[′klī·mət ‚chānj]
Any change in global temperatures and precipitation over time due to natural variability or to human activity.
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The production is part of the California Environmental Legacy Project, a pioneering initiative that uses artful storytelling and state-of-the art digital media to raise public understanding of environmental change and stimulate a new culture of stewardship.
The atlas brings to light stories of environmental change through images showing visual evidence of changes taking place in the land, water and atmosphere, and covering trans-boundary issues like river basins, conservation areas and pollutants.
The National Academy of Sciences has also taken steps to encourage the research needed to address these issues by establishing the Board on Environmental Change and Society (BEGS).
The report draws on 15 years of monitoring environmental changes on Wales' highest mountain, and its authors believe that shifts in temperature, atmospheric pollutants and land management are all having an impact on the mountain - beyond what could be put down to natural variation.
It aims to give a general orientation to representatives of focal institutions on the vision for the Atlas of Environmental Change for West Asia, how participating institutions would contribute to the preparation process and what are the co-ordination and communication mechanisms.
If you're interested in environmental change and how species are going to respond to it, you can't just look at a single species in isolation as it is right now.
Environmental Protection Agency, to review current strategies for developing human health models and scenarios in the context of global environmental change, particularly global climate change, and to outline a research agenda that effectively characterizes the interplay of global change with the health of human populations.
The action proceeds as follows: A distinctive combination of species colonizes a region, coexists for a while, and departs in the face of massive environmental change.
The fossil also pushes knowledge of the human genus closer to the time when it was thought to have originated, a period of rapid environmental change about 2.
The Institute, for about 15 fellows, uses lectures, discussion and field work to present the latest information about the impact of environmental change on the oceans, fisheries, local economies, weather, drinking water and emerging infectious diseases.
The immersion course will use lectures, workshops, discussion and fieldwork (in the Dominican Republic) to present the latest information about the impact of environmental change on global warming, drinking water, fisheries, emerging infectious diseases and local economies.

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