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The compact design enables very precise intensity measurements under hostile environmental conditions, which enables EP-IR to replace conventional analyzer technologies such as NDIR and FTIR currently used in many process monitoring and control applications.
The report's international group of authors are from the Harvard School of Public Health, the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, the National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw, Poland, and the Environmental Epidemiology Component of the Environmental Management Project at the Center for Preparation and Implementation for Foreign Projects in Moscow, Russia, which was initiated by the Russian government in 1995 to help improve environmental conditions and associated human health.
International Rectifier, IR(r) (NYSE:IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced two new near-hermetic, high-reliability (HiRel(tm)) motor control inverter modules that combine IR's latest IGBT and soft recovery rectifier technology with IR's proprietary plastic package sealing method to protect components from environmental conditions.
The Dakar Rally is widely considered to be the most grueling off-road race in the world due to its brutal terrain and extreme environmental conditions.
A global leader in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of radio data modems -- providing wireless data communications using software-defined radio (SDR) -- ArWest solutions are today in use to track inventory, monitor environmental conditions, improve public safety, reduce traffic flow, and more.
Each local market faces unique challenges, such as accessibility to technology, low literacy levels, lack of infrastructure or harsh environmental conditions.
Through-glass measurement" lets researchers see and quantify surface changes and interactions under varying environmental conditions, such as high vacuum or temperature.
With our expanded testing capabilities, we are able to not only continue to provide FTTP product solutions that are tested to the highest industry standards and necessary environmental conditions, but also provide additional, valuable benefits and efficiencies that enable accelerated and more cost effective network deployments.
SprayCool technology enables embedded computer systems to operate in severe environmental conditions including high and low temperature extremes as well as high altitude, which are all critical to the ASIP program.
During the trial, Nortel successfully demonstrated the ability to develop system test plans, conduct GSM-R integration, and perform network optimization and troubleshooting adapted to the challenging environmental conditions along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.
The fully-integrated device is said to easily adapt to the normal fluctuations of environmental conditions in a laboratory, and is said to be easily adapted to any testing machine on the market that uses a [+ or -] 10 v analog input (performance depends on the system).
The FNRC has ordered the suspension of all activities and moving of movable and immovable machinery of the company for breaching the environmental conditions and rules.

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