environmental engineering

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environmental engineering

[in¦vī·ərn¦mənt·əl en·jə′nir·iŋ]
The technology concerned with the reduction of pollution, contamination, and deterioration of the surroundings in which humans live.

Environmental engineering

The division of engineering concerned with the environment and management of natural resources. The environmental engineer places special attention on the biological, chemical, and physical reactions in the air, land, and water environments and on improved technology for integrated management systems, including reuse, recycling, and recovery measures.

Environmental engineering began with consideration of the need for acceptable drinking water and for management of liquid and solid wastes. Abatement of air and land contamination became new challenges for the environmental engineer, followed by toxic-waste and hazardous-waste concerns. The environmental engineer is also instrumental in the mitigation and protection of wildlife habitat, preservation of species, and the overall well-being of ecosystems.

The principal environmental engineering specialties are air-quality control, water supply, wastewater disposal, stormwater management, solid-waste management, and hazardous-waste management. Other specialties include industrial hygiene, noise control, oceanography, and radiology. See Hazardous waste, Water supply engineering

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The 12 members of the committee administer the "Certification by Eminence" pathway for the three environmental accreditations bestowed by the AAEES - the Board Certified Environmental Engineer (BCEE), the Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member (BCEEM), and the Board Certified Environmental Scientist (BCES) designations.
The academy offers two certifications: board-certified environmental engineer, BCEE, for those who have a professional engineering license; or board-certified environmental engineering member, BCEEM, for those who are non-licensed.
Solo-Gabriele, an environmental engineer at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Fla.
A diplomat environmental engineer of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, he is a member of several professional organizations, including the New Jersey Builders Association and the American Water Works Association.
As an environmental engineer for the state of California, the 42-year-old Willoughby wields a mighty power that can make or break rampant corporate wood lust.
According to Environmental Engineer Klaus Peter Albertin of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, an organization usually hires consultants when it is interested in developing or implementing a plan and does not have the resources or expertise to perform the task effectively.
Her husband, also an environmental engineer and biologist, left Scott Paper two years ago to handle G&C Environmental projects related to employee safety.
These will be exciting times to be an environmental engineer.
Environmental engineers who have earned their board certification through the academy are listed in "Who's Who in Environmental Engineering" and receive free subscriptions to Environmental Engineer, the academy's quarterly publication.
Amy Pruden, an environmental engineer at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, notes that bacteria may also pick up free DNA.
Vice President of Engineering for Haestad Methods, has been named a Diplomate Environmental Engineer (DEE) by the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (AAEE).
He is a board certified environmental engineer with the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and holds professional engineering licenses in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

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