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This organic growing facility has a better environmental footprint and lower waste than traditional large-scale cannabis growing.
The Project will promote efforts to reduce plastic usage worldwide, while also contributing to Sony's own commitment to reducing its environmental footprint to zero by 2050.
ENPNewswire-August 5, 2019--Sony Launches 'One Blue Ocean Project,'; An Initiative to Help Reduce Ocean Plastic Pollution; Promoting Reduced Use of Plastics, Accelerating Efforts toward Sony's Zero Environmental Footprint Goal
"A local source of construction materials and cement reduces the environmental footprint of regional construction, and provides local jobs and tax revenues," Erika Guerra, Lehigh's environmental and land management director, told The Mercury News.
Our participation in this campaign is one of the ways in helping Dubai achieve the goal of being a sustainable city by providing residents and expats with the highest quality of life with the lowest environmental footprint," said Moussa El Hayek,COO of Al Bustan Centre and Residence.
"The awards highlight how America's cement manufacturers are focused on sustainably producing the highest quality product with minimal environmental footprint," says PCA CEO Michael Ireland.
The study indicated that demand for programs to help consumers manage their energy use and decrease their own environmental footprint has seen a steady increase over the past five years.
The iconic new building--based in Centurion--has a range of features aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of its employees while minimising its environmental footprint.
The Port of Long Beach is preparing for more growth despite the US-China trade row through heavy investment in reducing its environmental footprint, after having its busiest year on record in 2018 when throughput totalled eight million TEU.
Green Office Initiative is one such program, aimed at reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions and workplace environmental footprint. Since its inception, Engro's Green Office Initiative has advocated a culture of environmental responsibility enabling the workforce to act in eco efficient and conscious manner in everyday tasks and has improved environmental awareness in cost efficient ways.
These awards were conferred in recognition of Engro's substantial reduction in our environmental footprint.
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