environmental engineering

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environmental engineering

[in¦vī·ərn¦mənt·əl en·jə′nir·iŋ]
The technology concerned with the reduction of pollution, contamination, and deterioration of the surroundings in which humans live.

Environmental engineering

The division of engineering concerned with the environment and management of natural resources. The environmental engineer places special attention on the biological, chemical, and physical reactions in the air, land, and water environments and on improved technology for integrated management systems, including reuse, recycling, and recovery measures.

Environmental engineering began with consideration of the need for acceptable drinking water and for management of liquid and solid wastes. Abatement of air and land contamination became new challenges for the environmental engineer, followed by toxic-waste and hazardous-waste concerns. The environmental engineer is also instrumental in the mitigation and protection of wildlife habitat, preservation of species, and the overall well-being of ecosystems.

The principal environmental engineering specialties are air-quality control, water supply, wastewater disposal, stormwater management, solid-waste management, and hazardous-waste management. Other specialties include industrial hygiene, noise control, oceanography, and radiology. See Hazardous waste, Water supply engineering

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The Selected Engineering Firm Will Be Required To Retain And Be Responsible For All Basic Engineering Disciplines Such As Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Environmental Mitigation And Structural Engineering As Appropriate For The Scope Of Work Negotiated.
Current owner believes the property could be a perfect candidate for environmental mitigation and/or residential development.
While the former naval base comprises 8,720 acres, total acreage for redevelopment stands at 3,409, with the remainder set aside for environmental mitigation.
Datuk Mohamad Salim, a recipient of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz award from Pakistan and known to the Pakistani business fraternity for his role as the head of the Malaysia-Pakistan Business Council (MPBC), said his Group was keen on playing a pivotal role in inviting property developers and companies from Pakistan to share the Group's success stories, such as developing the SSKL transportation hub; urban renewal projects like the Little India cultural and tourism area in Brickfields; and environmental mitigation and rehabilitation projects at several river mouths and beaches in Malaysia.
Once that is done, he said environmental mitigation of the property would begin in the spring.
A big disappointment, Millers says, is that "It's a flexible pot and could be used for environmental mitigation or biking and walking.
CN reached its first VMA in August 2008, and has continued working with communities along the EJ&E to reach these voluntary agreements to provide environmental mitigation tailored to each community's needs.
The company will also fund other, as yet undecided, recreational work, install a number of bat-boxes and plant flora as part of an environmental mitigation agreement.
Qatargas chief safety, environment and quality officer, Toufik Benmosbah noted: "Qatargas is proud to be associated with this innovative environmental mitigation initiative.
It is perverse that a section of the route through Greater London, clearly affecting large numbers of people, has been subject to so little environmental mitigation," he said.
In closing, the organizations claim that "Failure to support our farmers, ranchers, foresters, and natural resource base today will jeopardize our agricultural industry, drive up long term costs for environmental mitigation, and threaten our nation's food security.
The bill would authorize FAA to fund six Environmental Mitigation Pilot Programs testing promising environmental research innovations to reduce aviations impact on noise and air or water quality.

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