Natural environment

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Natural environment

Includes all natural land forms, rivers and lakes, trees and plants, but does not include the built environment.
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natural environment

The aggregate of the natural external surroundings and conditions, in contrast to the built environment (i.e., those surroundings and conditions resulting from construction by human beings).
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Maul, the Academy's 54th medalist, was head of the Department of Marine and Environmental Systems at Florida Tech from 1994 to 2014.
"China is the epicenter of high and new-technologies and our expansion into this market represents our ongoing focus on developing and improving pollution control solutions for environmental protection." -Ken Rogers, Gulf Coast Environmental Systems CEO
Design team: Douglas King, AIA, CSI, NCARB, ACAA, principal-in-charge/project manager; Michael Siegel, AIA, principal designer (VOA Associates Inc); Craig Kos, PE, LEED AP, lead engineer (Environmental Systems Design Inc.); Jose Medero, SE, PE, structural engineer (Thornton Tomasetti); Peter Hugh, LC, IESNA, lighting designer (Hugh Lighting Design)
Orchard Environmental Systems staff specialise in design and manufacture of turnkey solutions for plating and aerospace industries and the company employs a team of steel and plastic fabricators and installers.
QED Environmental Systems, a company involved in Innovative Environment Products, has acquired Environmental Pump Solutions a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of electric submersible pump systems used in landfill, mining, oil and gas, construction, marine and municipal applications.
El-Fashir, 26 May (SUNA) - The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Pastures at the state of North Darfur organized, in cooperation with the United Nations Environment Organization, a training session on the contribution of environmental systems to disaster risk reduction, which targeted 60 learners from the ministries of Agriculture and Forestry, Livestock and Social Affairs as well as the voluntary organizations operating in the state.
An Account of Human Claims on the Biosphere's Stores of Living Matter: this was the title of a lecture Vaclav Smil gave at the Department of Environmental Systems Science (D-USYS) at ETH Zurich in September 2014.
Ray Tant, pictured above, joins the company from James Fisher Nuclear where he developed and maintained quality and environmental systems and procedures.
Ray Tant joins the firm from James Fisher Nuclear, where he developed and maintained quality and environmental systems and procedures.
MHIEC succeeded to MHI's long track record in the development of technologies in environmental systems and equipment and its abundant knowhow in the construction and operation of waste treatment facilities in 2008.

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