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Clinical and laboratory data were compared at baseline, one year, and two years after onset between those with young-onset RA (<60 years old; 117 patients) and EORA (≥60 years old; 122 patients).
This area was also known to the native Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as Tubowgule, meaning "where the knowledge waters meet." This was a location where a freshwater stream carried waters into the sea and provided rich fishing grounds.
Two validation studies failed to conclude whether or not the optional use of musculoskeletal ultrasound (US) items in the new criteria improves the differential diagnosis between PMR and EORA [5, 6].
--, Julie Cracknell, Peter Lonergan, Carrie Mulford and Genevieve O'Callaghan 2010 'Eora journey: international review of contemporary interpretation practice', City of Sydney Council, Sydney.
The result is the Eora 3D scanner, a cylindrical device that connects to a phone via Bluetooth and uses a laser to scan the object in precise colour, and then allows the phone to analyse the laser and reconstruct the scan into a 3D model.
The Eora people are long gone, wiped out through murder, displacement and introduced diseases and, in their place, the surviving Koori people take their place in a sound installation that whispers through the pillars.
Aboriginal peoples within Australia comprise many nations with distinct language names (e.g., the Anangu Pitjantjatjara, the Eora, the Kamilaroi peoples, and so on).
In December 1789, under the orders of the first governor, Arthur Phillip, the British had kidnapped Bennelong in the hope that a captive would both provide intelligence about the population and martial strength of the Eora people and serve as an intermediary in conciliating their affections.
Determining an accurate diagnose of elderly-onset RA (EORA) is not as easy as diagnosing young-onset RA due to insufficient laboratory findings and the presence of distinct clinical features.
In recent years, rheumatologists have focused on the diagnosis and treatment of early-onset RA (EORA) in order to prevent joint erosion.
Lieutenant Dawes (1762-1836) was an English astronomer/surveyor who recorded the language of the indigenous Eora people of Sydney Cove, Australia, in the colonial period.
I'd also like to personally acknowledge the Indigenous people of this particular land, and their elders, both past and present, the Gadigal people of the Eora nation.