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The layer of epithelial cells lining the cavities of the brain and spinal cord. Also known as ependymal layer.



cells in the brain of animals and man that perform demarcating, supportive, and secretory functions in the central nervous system; a form of neuroglia.

The ependyma separates from cells of the neural tube in early embryogenesis. Ependymal cells (ependymocytes) line the walls of the spinal canal and ventricles of the brain. They have elongated bodies with cilia at the free end. The cilia, which are lost in many parts of the brain after the individual is born, help the cerebrospinal fluid to circulate by their beating movements. A long, branched process extends from the opposite end of the ependymocyte into the brain. The ependyma of the walls of the third ventricle may promote the exchange of biologically active substances between neurons of the adjacent regions of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, and blood vessels of the hypophyseoportal system.

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Given the wide range of illnesses covered by NMOSD and the anomalous presence of AQP4 described in the CSF in cases of hydrocephalus, bacterial meningitis, and diseases with inflammatory phenomena of the central nervous system [5, 26], the presence of AQP4 in the CSF is probably due to ependymal disruption phenomena.
When neural stem cells are harvested for growth in culture, however, the ependymal cells are not removed along with them, and this can be a problem.
Currently, when neural stem cells are harvested for growth in culture, however, the ependymal cells are not removed along with them.
astrocytes, oligodandrocytes and ependymal cells were in abundance in the treated groups as compared to the control group (Figs.
1989; KOESTNER & HIGGINS, 2002) which is not since choroid plexus epithelial cells are modified ependymal cells (DELLMANN & EURELL, 1998).
The lateral ventricular wall consists of four layers with various thicknesses and cell densities: a monolayer of ependymal cells (layer I), a hypocellular gap containing astrocytic processes (layer II), a ribbon of cells composed of astrocytes (layer III), and a transitional zone into the brain parenchyma (layer IV) (9).
The injection of purified Ad-vectors into the lateral ventricles of adult mice leads to the transduction of ependymal cells aligning the lateral ventricles (Fig.
The presence of ependymal and cartilage cells on the slide preparation
On T1-weighted gadolinium-enhanced images, ependymal and subependymal contrast enhancement is seen in CMV ventriculitis.
The postcontrast T1-weighted image disclosed ependymal enhancement particularly around the left ventricle, whose CSF was less hypointense than usual.
AMP deaminase in rat brain: localization in neurons and ependymal cells.
Cytokeratins 8, 18, and 19 are abundantly expressed in adenocarcinoma of the breast, only weakly expressed in epithelial cells of the choroid plexus, and not expressed in nerve, glial, ependymal, and meningeal cells (9).