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(ĭfē`zhənz), letter of the New Testament, written, according to tradition, by St. PaulPaul, Saint,
d. A.D. 64? or 67?, the apostle to the Gentiles, b. Tarsus, Asia Minor. He was a Jew. His father was a Roman citizen, probably of some means, and Paul was a tentmaker by trade. His Jewish name was Saul.
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 to the Christians of Ephesus from his captivity at Rome (c.A.D. 60). There is ground for believing that the letter was intended as an encyclical. By virtue of the resurrection the writer claims that God has made Jesus supreme over all power and authority; he is made effective through the church, which is his body. The letter states that existing enmity between Jew and Gentile has been broken down in the church, thus creating a new humanity, which is exhorted to live worthily of the calling to manifest the glory of God in the world. The letter concludes with the extended metaphor of the Christian as soldier. Many scholars argue that Ephesians is pseudonymous. It speaks of being raised with Jesus as present experience, in language not found in the undisputed Pauline letters. The conventional morality of the so-called household code in chapters 5 and 6 has no parallel in the undisputed Pauline letters.


See A. T. Lincoln, Ephesians (1990); R. P. Martin, Ephesians, Colossians, & Philemon (1992).

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Paul, in his letter to the Ephesians, praised the cruel paradox of the cross that fashioned a new humanity out of the absurd animosities between timeless rivals and adversaries.
The Letter of Ignatius to the Ephesians is the first extant Christian document which takes the term "Son of Man," as evidence of the humanity of the Christ, and contrasts it with "Son of God," denoting his divinity.
Apollonius therefore ranged the Ephesians around him and said: "Pick up as many stones as you can and hurl them at this enemy of the gods.
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