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(ĕf`ərəs), c.405–330 B.C., Greek historian, b. Cyme in Aeolis; pupil of Isocrates. His chief work is a universal history, in 30 books, of which only fragments survive, arranged by subjects. He was widely quoted by the ancients, notably by Diodorus Siculus.



Born circa 405 B.C.; died circa 330 B.C. Greek historian.

Ephorus’ History, which comprises 30 books, with the last written by his son Demophilus, recounts the history of the Greek world, including the Greek colonies. It begins with the “return of the Heracleidae,” which the Greeks considered an actual historical event, and concludes with a description of the military operations of Philip II of Macedon in 340 B.C.

Ephorus disapproved of the civilization of his day and idealized the life and customs of more primitive peoples. His work survives in fragments and in paraphrases by such later writers of antiquity as Diodorus Siculus. The extant portions of the History were published by F. Jacoby in Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker (part 2A, no. 70, Berlin, 1926, pp. 37–109).


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221: That this tribe (the Pelasgi) were from Arcadia, Ephorus states on the authority of Hesiod; for he says: `Sons were born to god- like Lycaon whom Pelasgus once begot.
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Conventional wisdom argues that universal civilization as a genre was invented by Herodotus or by Ephorus.
For this reason we may suppose that Aristotle would acknowledge that someone like Thucydides is likely to be more keen in detecting the causal antecedents of the events he reports, as well as the recurrent patterns of human behavior that they exhibit, than Ephorus or one of the local chroniclers of the Greek states.
At Galway he lost Ephorus in a fatal fall and was put through a series of disappointments before finally reaching the winner's enclosure on the final day.
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for Ephorus is said to have praised these words as 'coming from a soul naturally disposed toward virtue' (schol.
The ephorus, or bishop, one of the eight presidents of the World Council of Churches, knows conflict.
Supposedly, it is based on a translation by a previously unknown comedy by Ephorus, and was found buried in a clay pot until a construction project uncovered it.
Toean Ephorus Nommensen,Parsorionna dohot na nioelana.
And I have dutifully chaired worthless tenure committees that have never not tenured anyone, created a classics program ex nihilo and watched it sputter, helped to raise three kids, written books, remodeled, replumbed, and rewired the house, been married for over 20 years, engineered a ridiculous 500-foot blockwall, come down with dysentery in the Valley of the Kings and kidney disease in Athens, researched and pontificated about Thucydides, hoplites, and Diodorus's use of Ephorus, and lived under fascism and then again amid socialism for two years in Greece.
Weiskopf suggests that Diodorus' information is derived from Ephorus, who reflects Isocrates' propaganda about barbarian ineptness (p.