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see Brecht, BertoltBrecht, Bertolt
, 1898–1956, German dramatist and poet, b. Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht. His brilliant wit, his outspoken Marxism, and his revolutionary experiments in the theater made Brecht a vital and controversial force in modern drama.
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; Piscator, ErwinPiscator, Erwin
, 1893–1966, German theatrical director and producer who, with Bertolt Brecht, was the foremost exponent of epic theater, a genre that emphasizes the sociopolitical context rather than the emotional content or aesthetics of the play.
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Loehlin argues that the popularity of Brechtian dramaturgy allowed directors to reimagine the discontinuous Henry VI plays as epic theatre in the 1960s.
Peter, who has worked as a part-time drama lecturer for eight years, said: " e play is a tour de force for writer and actor, creating epic theatre in small spaces.
He said the epic theatre production made a breakthrough in theatrical shows due to the combination of the state-of-the-art technology used.
For adults and older children, Blue Man Group and Legends in Concert perform nightly at the Epic Theatre, while Cirque Dinner and Dreams takes place in the Spiegel Tent, and there are hilarious turns at the Headliners Comedy Club.
This book takes its title from an essay by Bertolt Brecht, "The Street Scene: A Basic Model for an Epic Theatre," which, according to Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, envisions a method of acting that highlights the tension between performing actor and enacted character rather than blurring and eliminating it.
Steve Dub in Carmarthen The epic theatre of the Royal Wedding and this year's Jubilee provided Britain with images that were the opposite of austerity.
The style owes much to Brecht's epic theatre, making liberal use of satire, multi-role play, selective realism in costumes and props and actors breaking the fourth wall.
With recourse to some tried techniques of political epic theatre, Carsen set his infernal plan in motion on the first notes of the overture.
They met on Peter Brook's epic theatre production of The Mahabharata in Paris in the mid-1980s and have a 20-year-old daughter called Aoife.
In other words, performance does not simply replace the book, or vice versa: "The Prince vows to erase the printed book of 'past' epic poetry in service of the nation in order to script a new tragic epic theatre foregrounding the bookish self" (211).
True to Brechts concept of this EPIC theatre, Ajokas production of Chaak Chakkar uses these elements.