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(US), epicenter
the point on the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake or underground nuclear explosion
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(1) The projection of the hypocenter of an earthquake onto the earth’s surface (seeHYPOCENTER). The location of the epicenter is determined from recordings by seismic stations, and the epicentral region is determined by the degree of destruction on the surface. Epicenter maps showing the magnitudes of earthquakes are used in seismic zoning. (See alsoEARTHQUAKES.)

(2) The projection onto the earth’s surface of the center of an atmospheric (underwater or underground) nuclear explosion.

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A point on the surface of the earth which is directly above the seismic focus of an earthquake and where the earthquake vibrations reach first.
The center of a circle that generates an epicycloid or hypocycloid.
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The epicenter of earthquake was located in the town of Kaki, 60 miles (96km) Southeast of Bushehr.
A similar 7.7-magnitude earthquake hit Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands, located just south of the current epicenter, last October.
23, 2011, when a magnitude 5.9 quake hit with an epicenter in Virginia.
* The Translation Prevention Research Epicenter (Harvard Pilgrim Health Care) Wellesley, Mass.
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A seismometer within 100 kilometers of the epicenter records both high- and low-frequency vibrations, whereas instruments farther away receive only low frequencies.
As the ocean waters receded, the devastation was evident--from Indonesia to the Indian coast to East Africa, 3,000 miles from the quake's epicenter. Waves had destroyed homes and bridges, while cars and boats drifted along flooded roads.
West Nile (WN) virus was found throughout New York State in 2000, with the epicenter in New York City and surrounding counties.
With its expanding residential base, the blossoming of the 34th Street retail corridor, central location atop almost every subway line in the city and its convenient proximity to the burgeoning Times Square office and entertainment district, the Herald Square area is emerging as the true epicenter of New York City living for both the long-term tenant and the short-stay business traveler.
MAP BELOW: This map of Turkey shows the epicenter of last August's devastating quake.