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The establishment of the Epidaurus Festival in postwar Greece provides the pivotal moment in the process of accommodating Greek antiquity as part of a celebrated cultural heritage, marking the beginning of the third phase.
The use of the theater of Epidaurus was interrupted until the postwar period, when the production of Hippolytus by the National Theatre of Greece directed by Rondiris in 1954 paved the way for the official establishment of the Epidaurus Festival the following year.
The institutional context of the Epidaurus Festival has functioned similarly to a system of "opening and closing" which, according to Foucault, defines access to the heterotopic site.
The Epidaurus Festival affirmed the close association between space and text which was already insinuated in earlier quests to reuse ancient theaters.
Referring to their current theatrical production that brings to life the ancient drama by Aristophanes, the famous work will soon be staged in Turkey for the first time following performances at the annual Athens Epidaurus Festival yesterday and today.
Athens Festival and Epidaurus Festival, 23, Hadjichristou and Makriyanni St.
For heritage, there's the Epidaurus Festival (one year younger than that of Athens), where you can catch new takes on Aeschylus or Euripides in that city's Ancient Theatre.
This summer's Epidaurus Festival of Greek Drama features the familiar whispers--and exclamations--of Oedipus, Antigone, Orestes and Medea (whose story closes the festival, courtesy of German director Peter Stein).
EPIDAURUS FESTIVAL, 23 Hadjihristou and Makriyanni Str.
Athens and Epidaurus Festivals, Athens and Epidaurus; (30) 210 92 82 000; www.
Athens and Epidaurus Festivals, 23, Hadjichristou and Makriyanni St.