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Maya epigrapher Peter Mathews, in a personal communication (2004), commented that the glyphs for serpent and centipede are nearly indistinguishable.
I made "squeezes," the papier-mache impressions of inscriptions which are the essential tool of the epigrapher.
There is reference to only one article by the great epigrapher of the site from an earlier period, Josef Keil.
Thanks to substantial advances in deciphering the Maya hieroglyphic writing system in the past 20 years by researchers known as epigraphers, the elegant carvings told modern readers of an "ax war" launched by Lord Water of Caracol against the nearby city of Tikal in A.
Boechari (1927-1991) was the best known of Indonesia's epigraphers of the post-war generation.
This consideration in turn justifies the reality that the Cambodians are primarily the "terrain" of the archaeologists and epigraphers and that the great civilization of Angkor has fascinated scholars more than the study of "mores and customs" or literature.
Maya epigraphers and Maya archaeologists tend to be different breeds, however, with few of those expert in one area of the discipline being equally competent, or even equally interested, in the other.
archaeologists, anthropologists and epigraphers (who decipher the complex Maya writing system) are rapidly transforming scientific understanding of Classic Copan's political structure, procession of kings and settlement history.
The second volume, containing the photographs, will be useful for historians of art and architecture and to epigraphers, though unfortunately the photos sometimes do not allow one to easily read the actual texts.
3)--but it seems to me that all readers of this journal, regardless of specialty, and for that matter most of the world's anthropologists, archaeologists, epigraphers, historians, historians of mathematics, linguists, and psychologists are going to need to pay attention to this brilliant and original book.
This statement prompts two observations: (1) true confirmation would require new archaeological data of a very specific nature, but in the meantime Sass's interpretation of the currently available data has not been met with acclaim by all epigraphers (see C.
Surprisingly, however, Cook fails to note either this ostracon's questionable provenance or that it has been labeled a fake by several reputable epigraphers, thus negating any possible value.