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Removal of the hair by the roots by the use of forceps, chemical means, or roentgenotherapy.
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the removal of hair for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Epilation is used, frequently in conjunction with other methods, to treat certain skin and hair diseases, including tricho-phytosis, microsporosis, and favus. The hair may be removed by special forceps, chemical agents (such as epilating wax), or roentgenotherapy. Electrolysis produces the most long-lasting effect, however, because the needle electrode destroys the hair bulbs, thus causing the hair to stop growing; with all the other methods of epilation, the hair grows back.

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determined the usefulness of trichotillometry under field conditions by measuring hair epilation force of 69 subjects at a hospital in Nigeria, the mean force was 36.5 +/- 9.5 g.
Some epilators can also be used in the bath or shower, which softens the hairs and desensitises the skin for a gentler epilation." | Why is it better than waxing?
Permanent treatment options include electrolysis, laser epilation and Intense Pulsed Light treatment, but the method which is recommended most commonly is laser epilation (7).
(18,19) However, the aggressive use of laser epilation, cryotherapy or electrolysis can increase scarring, and may turn marginal entropion into a more pronounced form of entropion.
Despite of the knowledge on radiation protection, radiologic technologists may still suffer from the biological effects of X-ray radiation such as vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, nausea, fatigue, epilation, and skin erythema.
(116) Doses of one to three gray (117) may lead to "[m]ild to severe nausea, malaise, anorexia, [or] infection." Exposures of three to six gray can result in "hemorrhaging, infection, diarrhea, epilation, [and] temporary sterility," (118) and exposures in the range of 3.5 gray or more can be fatal.
"With four attachment heads, the new ES-ED64 is a multifunctional beauty tool that goes beyond just epilation to provide smooth skin that lasts," Redmond said.
These effects on QoL can be markedly reversed by proper counseling medical treatment cosmetic measures and especially with photo- epilation procedures.
"During their first week after the epilation they are at a higher risk of developing heat induced folliculitis or pseudofolliculitis on the involved area," he said.
The Satinelle Epilator is the perfect tool for women with its promise of hair free and smooth legs through its efficient epilation system that pulls out hairs from the root.