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see HamaHama
or Hamah
, city (1995 est. pop. 280,000), capital of Hama governorate, W central Syria, on the Orontes River. It is the market center for an irrigated farm region where cotton, wheat, barley, millet, and corn are grown.
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, Syria.
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Finally come Erasmus' commentaries on the last two hymns of Prudentius' Liber Cathemerinon, entitled De natali pueri Iesu and De epiphania Iesu nati (299-354).
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Ao analisar a prestacao de contas do tesoureiro da confraria Luiz de Franca Marques do ano de 1886, percebemos que pelos menos ate essa data a festa de Nossa Senhora do Rosario era celebrada junto com a Epiphania ou adoracao dos Reis Magos.
Festum subdiaconorum, quod uocamus stultorum, a quibusdam fit in circumcisione [Parisian MSS add: ut in Parisiensi ecclesia], a quibusdam in Epiphania uel in octauis Epiphanie.
La palabra final no es apophasis, sino apokalypsis, epiphania.
It was her faith that opened her to reconciliation with Bizimana and his wife, Epiphania Mukanyndwi.
There were six other general members: Sarah, Mariam, Epiphania, Rosemary, Mary, and Jamiila.
The authors extend special thanks to Chatee Richardson, Michelle Howe, Felicia Mohsen, Epiphania Bonsi, Lawrence Chatters, and Harold Cheatham for their contributions to this article.
In "De Epiphania Domini," Mirk tells the story of the three kings who visited the infant Christ:
Novum ver oritur, Letemur igitur, Iam flos egreditur, Cesset tristitia, Floralia Gaudia Dat Epiphania.
Boxer noted how Vieira did not share the view common at the time that whites were innately superior to blacks and quotes from his famous Sermao da Epiphania (1662) preached to Dona Luisa and Dom Afonso V1.