Protestant Episcopal Church

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Protestant Episcopal Church:

see Episcopal ChurchEpiscopal Church,
Anglican church of the United States. Its separate existence as an American ecclesiastical body with its own episcopate began in 1789. Doctrine and Organization

The Episcopal Church maintains that the Holy Scriptures are the ultimate rule of faith.
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He has been the locus of a months long fight over the future of the Anglican Communion, the worldwide body of which The Episcopal Church, USA is a part.
He has previously served as a missionary in Haiti and on the world mission staff for the Episcopal Church, USA.
As I re-read the volume, I was particularly conscious of the fact that I was doing so as a Lutheran, and at a time when the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and The Episcopal Church, USA (ECUSA) are in the midst of a process leading to an official decision in 1997.

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