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The suppression of the effect of one gene by another.
A checking or stoppage of a hemorrhage or other discharge.
A scum or film of substance floating on the surface of urine.



the interaction of two nonallelic genes (that is, genes that are at different loci) whereby one of them, called the epistatic gene, suppresses the effect of the other one, called the hypostatic gene. Phenotypically, epistasis is manifested as a deviation from the segregation that would be expected in digenetic inheritance; in this case, however, there is no violation of Mendel’s laws, inasmuch as the alleles of the interacting genes are distributed in complete conformity to the law of independent assortment, or combination.

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Por consiguiente, los objetivos de este estudio fueron (a) detectar los efectos epistaticos para la produccion de granos y algunos caracteres morfologicos de la planta en maiz, utilizando el diseno TTC; (b) verificar la importancia de la interaccion epistasis con ambientes y (c) detectar los efectos epistaticos en cada genotipo F2 para esos caracteres.
The joint scaling test (Cavalli, 1952) was used to detect epistasis.
d] dominant [h] additive A- additive epistasis [i] and dominant A- dominant epistasis [l] gene effects controlled K+ in non-saline and K+/Na+ ratio in low salinity.
Prevalent positive epistasis in Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae metabolic networks.
Epistasis can operate in any cross involving two or more pairs of genes.
Understanding biological epistasis is one important motivation for studying statistical epistasis.
The model we proposed also assumes that the selected genes are biologically independent and thus, no epistasis at the level of protein function is considered.
Classical quantitative genetic studies of crossbreds produced by crossing inbred lines have uncovered remarkable heterosis in growth and its physiological components at larval, juvenile and adult stages and has implicated epistasis as a significant cause of this heterosis (Hedgecock et al.
Algunas combinaciones de alelos G72 y DAAO aumentan significativamente el riesgo de sufrir esquizofrenia, mas que la suma de sus efectos individuales, lo cual es evidencia de epistasis o interacciones gen-gen no aditivas (Harrison y Owen 2003, Chumakov et al.
We have also succeeded in using epistasis analysis to order various other known heterochronic genes into the heterochronic pathway.
However, epistatic effects may play an important but unrecognized role in the evolution of phenotypic plasticity, although I did not explore epistasis between plasticity loci due to a lack of a sufficiently powerful analytical method.