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Epona (Bubona)

goddess; watched over cattle and horses. [Rom. Myth.: Kravitz, 90]
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On a number of funerary monuments Epona seems to play the role of guardian of the dead or of psychopomp, overseeing the transition from this life to the next.
The careful structure of the Epona Ridge retreats helps strengthen self-awareness and enhances personal empowerment.
Epona, in her infinite wisdom, allowed some of the mothers to survive.
27 after Lucius tries to gobble the roses of Epona the groom threatens to render Lucius maimed and crippled (debilem claudumque reddam).
Atisreal acted for the previous owner, a private investor, in the sale of T Dyffryn, Epona and Blackhorse House to Morley.
The dedication of one volunteer, 15-year-old Charleigh Ahearn, paid off handsomely when she and Epona won four ribbons at a horse show Sunday, Epona's first competition.
Vercingetorix Christophe Lambert Caesar Klaus Maria Brandauer Guttuart Max Von Sydow Epona Ines Sastre Dumnorix Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Rhia Maria Kavardjikova
99): In this award-winning game, Link and his pony Epona traverse a vast magical world under threat from an evil force.
Other attractions include Vikki Clayton, Meet On The Ledge, Epona, Hill Jones, the Gravelly Hillbillies and Coventry's Aardvark Ceilidh Band.
38 (450m): Derryhogan Healy, Autumn Epona, Ardrahan Arlo, Fortissat Puma (M), Caulry Linda (M), Ryecroft Jean (M).
Epona, Hallyards Farm, in Mickley, has a wealth of original features and includes an entrance hall with cloakroom, living room with impressive stone fireplace and beamed ceiling, sitting room with beamed ceiling and dining room/reception hall.