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Epona (Bubona)

goddess; watched over cattle and horses. [Rom. Myth.: Kravitz, 90]
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On a number of funerary monuments Epona seems to play the role of guardian of the dead or of psychopomp, overseeing the transition from this life to the next.
The Epona Ridge philosophy begins with the premise that horses are great teachers, possessing an innate wisdom of those around them through the energy fields we all share.
Epona, in her infinite wisdom, allowed some of the mothers to survive.
At 3.27 after Lucius tries to gobble the roses of Epona the groom threatens to render Lucius maimed and crippled (debilem claudumque reddam).
Atisreal acted for the previous owner, a private investor, in the sale of T Dyffryn, Epona and Blackhorse House to Morley.
The unique appeal and power of horses in expanding life purpose to mythic proportions is illustrated with insights from legendary stories such as the Celtic Epona, protector of horses; it was believed this goddess and her horses were leaders of the soul in the after-life.
epona (Walker) on the citrus mealybug Pseudococcus citri Risso (Pseudococcidae) (Blumberg & Van Driesche 2001).
When Epona arrived at the Equine Rescue barn a couple of years ago, she was a "very sick 3-year-old pony with respiratory and lymphatic infections, worms, rain rot, multiple wounds, and never-trimmed hooves," Mrs.
Vercingetorix Christophe Lambert Caesar Klaus Maria Brandauer Guttuart Max Von Sydow Epona Ines Sastre Dumnorix Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu Rhia Maria Kavardjikova With: Yannis Baraban, Denis Charvet.
LEGEND OF ZELDA: OCARINA OF TIME (pounds 9.99): In this award-winning game, Link and his pony Epona traverse a vast magical world under threat from an evil force.
Other attractions include Vikki Clayton, Meet On The Ledge, Epona, Hill Jones, the Gravelly Hillbillies and Coventry's Aardvark Ceilidh Band.
The juvenile was dropped back to five at Hamilton and showed a neat turn of foot to beat the useful Epona.