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A benign tumorlike lesion of the gingiva.



a benign tumorlike growth of soft tissues in the region of the alveolar processes. Epulis results from prolonged irritation of the mucosa and from hormonal changes symptomatic of defective bone formation. An epulis grows slowly and may achieve a size 3 cm in diameter or more. It becomes ulcerous when traumatized by the sharp edge of a tooth or dentures. It is treated by surgery.

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Epulis has been described as the most common benign oral tumor of dog.
La disminucion de la dimension vertical fue el hallazgo mas prevalente entre los relacionados con la rehabilitacion bucal inadecuada (**); y entre los relacionados con el SC, la reabsorcion de los rebordes edentulos mandibulares es el de mayor prevalencia en comparacion con los demas (*) El epulis fisurado no se observo en la poblacion estudiada.
Congenital epulis is a rare, benign soft tissue lesion of the newborn generally originating from the alveolar prominence of the maxilla or mandible.
In addition she declared to have an intraoral operation due to an epulis lesion which at the pathological examination was reported as papillomatous lesion in the region of maxillary 11-12th teeth.
Congenital granular cell epulis (CGCE), although infrequently reported in the literature (there are fewer than 250 case reports in the literature), was identified more than a century ago.
His three case reports, concerning the removal of an epulis from the jaw, a cataract removal and the unsuccessful etherisation of a nervous man requiring urethral dilatation, followed.
I would ask your vet to make sure there is nothing sinister going on and, if it is epulis, perhaps get it trimmed back.
En ninos tambien debe tenerse en cuenta el epulis congenito y el quiste dermoide, rara vez encontrado en lengua (11, 12).
Immunohistochemical and transmission electron microscopy study regarding myofibroblasts in fibroinflammatory epulis and giant cell peripheral granuloma.
A provisional diagnosis of Epulis (Pyogenic granuloma) was made and an initial therapy of scaling was performed.
Under general anaesthesia, each epulis was cauterised and infected teeth extracted.
Recien nacido de 48 horas de vida y 3,2 kg de peso diagnosticado con epulis congenito, propuesta para exeresis en cirugia prioritaria.