Equal Pay Act

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Equal Pay Act,

U.S. law passed (1963) as an amendment to the Wages and Hours Act (see Fair Labor Standards ActFair Labor Standards Act
or Wages and Hours Act,
passed by the U.S. Congress in 1938 to establish minimum living standards for workers engaged directly or indirectly in interstate commerce, including those involved in production of goods bound for such commerce.
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) which prohibits discrimination based on sex that results in unequal pay for equal work.
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More broadly, compared with all non-Republicans, Tea Party Republicans differ most in the importance they place on the deficit and the situation with the Islamic militants, and the lack of importance they place on equal pay for women.
Jack Dromey, MP for Birmingham Erdington, said: "The previous Conservative-led administration of Birmingham City Council delayed justice on equal pay for women workers leaving a PS1 billion black hole.
Said Mrs Pooley: "Twenty-one women workers at the factory have been laid off because equal pay for women is to be introduced.
Women who historically earned their recognition in their own right and had an influence upon my political life are as follows: Suffragettes Davidson/Pankhurst who helped women get the vote; Barbara Castle MP who helped secure equal pay for women at Ford's Dagenham plant; Audrey Wise MP who campaigned against decimilisation and tachographs; Betty Boothroyd, speaker in the House of Commons, and former Longford councillor Sheila Collins, who gave 20 years service to Longford as an excellent, hardworking councillor.
According to a source, King introduced the film, to a standing ovation from the crowd, which also included Oscar winner Danny Boyle and director Simon Curtis, and thanked the 'players' in the audience, who helped her campaign for equal pay for women in the sport.
To most observers of the labour movement she was known as a Labor Party and trade union activist who promoted equal pay for women when most of her male colleagues firmly believed that a woman's place was in the home.
ANORTHUMBERLAND MP yesterday called for a parliamentary debate on equal pay for women, telling the Commons that hundreds of local workers are still waiting for payouts.
Mitt Romney's ham-fisted response to a question about equal pay for women, some high-profile supporters of the Republican nominee took to Twitter on Tuesday to demean the young undecided voter whose perfectly reasonable question set the Web ablaze.
In Spain, trade unions and women's organizations expressed concern that the current economic crisis, associated with forced savings in public spending, was having a negative impact on equal pay for women.
Historically trade unions have been at the forefront of many important human rights issues, including the fight against apartheid, human rights in Burma, indigenous issues, equal pay for women, the peace movement, anti-nuclear campaigns, refugee and asylum seeker rights, fair trade and workers' rights to organise, rights of outworkers, the Green Bans and other environmental campaigns including climate change.
Made In Dagenham tells the story of a protest which snowballed and led to a revolution in equal pay for women.
He also backed a new campaign to win genuine equal pay for women who still get an average 17 per cent less than men.

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