equal-time rule

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equal-time rule,

a Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission
(FCC), independent executive agency of the U.S. government established in 1934 to regulate interstate and foreign communications in the public interest.
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 rule that requires equal air time for all major candidates competing for political office. It was preceded by the fairness doctrine, abolished in 1987, which required radio and television broadcasters to air contrasting views on controversial public issues.
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But we may thus greatly deceive ourselves, for to ascertain whether a small isolated area, or a large open area like a continent, has been most favourable for the production of new organic forms, we ought to make the comparison within equal times; and this we are incapable of doing.
On 21 September , the day and night would have equal time .
The camp initiative offers young people from deprived areas the opportunity to learn to ski and snowboard, with equal time devoted to classroom and life skills teaching.
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser has said that as a custodian of the House, it is his responsibility to run the house in a balanced way and give equal time to both treasury and opposition.
Hogan and Brown, who did not appear on stage together, were given equal time to answer identical questions from a moderator on issues that concern local governments.
Changing the system to proportional representation and reducing election expenses by banning banners, posters and billboards, whilst TV commercials give equal time to all parties on state TV, would also help in holding free and fair elections.
Supporters of the change say that although research shows that children benefit from spending equal time with both parents, fathers often have an uphill battle to win shared parenting based on the historical view that children do better with the stability of one home and caregiver.
"It is a win because she gets to spend equal time with both of her parents in joint legal custody while she continues to grow in a happy and healthy environment - this has always been and will continue to be my priority."
a newscaster who runs for office triggers equal time when he delivers the news even though a candidate's appearance as a subject of that news program would be exempt)."
Both stars also agreed to a structured holiday and summer vacation schedule to ensure that both parties received as equal time with their child as possible.
But after the sleep treatment, the mice seemed to not remember objects' earlier positions, spending equal time exploring an unmoved object as one in a new place.