equal-time rule

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equal-time rule,

a Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission
(FCC), independent executive agency of the U.S. government established in 1934 to regulate interstate and foreign communications in the public interest.
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 rule that requires equal air time for all major candidates competing for political office. It was preceded by the fairness doctrine, abolished in 1987, which required radio and television broadcasters to air contrasting views on controversial public issues.
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The Minister said equal time must be given to members of the National Assembly and Senate as proceedings of both the houses are going simultaneously.
In case of extension of the offer, then that necessarily guarantee extended for equal time.
This means that female infants would regard both a newly rotated 3D block arrangement and its mirror image as an amusing sight, while they spend an equal time gazing at both objects.
Bobby Henderson wrote to the state Board of Education to propose that his idea that the universe was created by a flying mass of spaghetti be given equal time.
CDATA[ If this rally is not held as a bona fide debate with equal time for both sides (sans the infamous Student Union disturbances and interruptions), then it is not tolerance, but tolerance of intolerance, submission to mob rule.
Equal time, equal value; community currencies and time banking in the US.
Democracy Now gave equal time for two third party candidates to respond: Jill Stein of the Green Party and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.
The rule is that I'm going to make sure that women get equal time with men.
Run 4 x 2000 meters with equal time recovery jogs aim for: 02 faster per 400 meters than LTV pace.
The Government is ready to go against former mandarin David Norgrove, who said men should not get the right to shared or equal time with their children.
It will look at different issues particularly the requirements of fair election including respecting the fundamental rights of candidates, allocating an equal time and space in the media and respecting the rights of voters and those of minorities.
Why waste equal time on areas that you know are compliant or low risk to the business and customer?