equal-time rule

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equal-time rule,

a Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission
(FCC), independent executive agency of the U.S. government established in 1934 to regulate interstate and foreign communications in the public interest.
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 rule that requires equal air time for all major candidates competing for political office. It was preceded by the fairness doctrine, abolished in 1987, which required radio and television broadcasters to air contrasting views on controversial public issues.
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Would that those of us seated on the other side of the drastically reconfigured Actors' Gang had demanded equal time and been afforded the opportunity - a couple of scenes previously - to pelt Adam and Eve with forbidden apples.
Chances are that you will light upon Crossfire or Capital Gang on CNN, Equal Time or Pozner & Donahue on CNBC, a college course offering on ME/U, a history lesson on the Learning Channel, a biography on A&E, a sexual harassment trial on Court-TV, congressional hearings on C-SPAN, or a Noam Chomsky speech on C-SPAN2.
In an unusually brief comment in The Roving Mind, Asimov later summarized his views: "Ah, but it is not equal time the creationists want.
Cooper added, "Because it's almost impossible to give equal time to the three properties of the 3-in-1 Hero in a 60 second format, we had AFRC produce a two minute tell it all commercial.
I would suggest that you devote time and effort to study those issues with which you take exception, and rather than writing letters take equal time to discuss those and other issues of interest at all levels of government with friends, neighbors, associates and anyone else who will listen to an informed and reasonable solution to the problems.
Criticizing "blind, purposeless evolution," Beckwith accuses public schools of promoting "methodological naturalism," or relying on scientific explanations that do not give equal time to supernatural alternatives.
While each of America's (and virtually every other country's) broadcasting stations is under a state-imposed obligation to air balanced coverage of abundant public affairs, when you want unfettered free speech you turn to the unregulated C-SPAN; the hot debate is on the unlicensed CNN's Crossfire; it is ironic in extremis that the wonderful Equal Time on CNBC is seen on a cable network without any "equal time" provision.
In this world, the sun and moon may argue over equal time or a tornado may be transformed into a harmless kite.
His reasoning was that Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie had butted into too many men's events, and he deserved equal time.
Myers is currently the Political Editor for Vanity Fair and was co-host of CNBC's Equal Time.
Davis - who may or may not be allowed to hang his own campaign banner as a means of equal time.