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see ballotballot,
means of voting for candidates for office. The choice may be indicated on or by the ballot forms themselves—e.g., colored balls (hence the term ballot, which is derived from the Italian ballotta,
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; electionelection,
choosing a candidate for office in an organization by the vote of those enfranchised to cast a ballot. General History

In ancient Greek democracies (e.g., Athens) public officials were occasionally elected but more often were chosen by lot.
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; franchisefranchise,
in government, a right specifically conferred on a group or individual by a government, especially the privilege conferred by a municipality on a corporation of operating public utilities, such as electricity, telephone, and bus services.
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; votingvoting,
method of registering collective approval or disapproval of a person or a proposal. The term generally refers to the process by which citizens choose candidates for public office or decide political questions submitted to them.
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; woman suffragewoman suffrage,
the right of women to vote. Throughout the latter part of the 19th cent. the issue of women's voting rights was an important phase of feminism. In the United States

It was first seriously proposed in the United States at Seneca Falls, N.Y.
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the right to vote in elections.


1. the right to vote, esp in public elections; franchise
2. the exercise of such a right; casting a vote
3. a supporting vote
4. a prayer, esp a short intercessory prayer
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If you have equal voting, shouldn't you have access to the ESM?
B) capital consists of 3,894,584,881 A shares and 2,440,410,614 B shares, each with equal voting rights.
board seats on board of InterbrewAmBev and equal voting
Support for the non-binding shareholder proposal to eliminate the dual-class share structure is warranted, as a single-class structure in which all shareholders have equal voting rights would protect shareholders' interests in the long run, and an expression of support for the one-share, one-vote principle would not by itself cause the termination of contracts which require a certain level of insider voting power.
Currently, the Regional Hospital Network is working to secure not-for-profit status, allowing members equal voting rights for decisions affecting network activities.
The Meeting resolved not to grant A and B shares equal voting right.
The Florida suit alleges that the Votomatic has serious inherent defects that render it unable to count votes accurately and that its use therefore deprives Floridians of equal voting rights under the U.
By nearly a unanimous vote, the 92-year-old publishing trade association's membership passed new constitutional by-laws recognizing non-traditional business information providers as equal voting members of ABP.
B) capital consists of 3,895,209,913 A shares and 2,440,410,614 B shares, each with equal voting rights.
Lewis have entered into a stockholders agreement, which provides that they will initially have equal voting power and will be subject to various restrictions on transfer of their shares.
B) capital consists of 3,907,302,393 A shares and 2,440,410,614 B shares, each with equal voting rights.