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The dynamics of Nigerian- Equatorial Guinea relations from colonial times to the Present', in B.
Equatorial Guinea has issued an international arrest warrant for Thatcher.
Equatorial Guinea continued to make modest efforts to prevent trafficking during the reporting period.
Despite growing interest in making the most of the region's gas resources, there is still relatively limited demand for gas in West and Central Africa and so the government of Equatorial Guinea intends to focus upon gas processing as a means of promoting export.
He told the court that he knew most of the alleged ringleaders named by Equatorial Guinea, but said he knew them mostly socially.
A Cape Town judge rules Thatcher will have to answer questions from Equatorial Guinea investigators.
Mann is one of 70 defendants held in Zimbabwe while another 19 people are on trial in the Equatorial Guinea capital Malabo.
Commenting on today's announcement, Atanasio Ela Ntugu Nsa, the newly appointed Minister of Mines, Industry and Energy said, "The Government of Equatorial Guinea and GEPetrol are very pleased to be a part of a project that holds such significant potential for Equatorial Guinea and its people.
Equatorial Guinea is a small, oil-rich West African country dominated by a dictator, President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasago.
the Bush administration, which has strong ties to many of the major corporate players in Equatorial Guinea, is content to hold its nose and stick out its hand.
Operator and equity details for major natural gas assets in Equatorial Guinea.
For his part, the Egyptian diplomat predicted that the relations between Egypt and Equatorial Guinea will have satisfactory results after the visit made by the Head of State.