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The remaining Equisetales included the widespread Schizoneura, an upright herbaceous genus, with stems up to 2 meters tall and 2 cm wide (Behrensmeyer et al., 1992), which first appeared in the Carboniferous and continued into the Jurassic (Stewart and Rothwell, 1993).
However, the surviving order Equisetales was widely distributed and diverse during the Mesozoic.
Garrido 1998:1062; Garrido 2000), determinan en este ejemplo (como en los dos siguientes) que en la oracion de partida no figuren los terminos pteridophyte (plant), Filicales, Equisetales y Lycopodiales, pero la presencia de las denominaciones (para)cientificas de taxon en la version espanola es insoslayable.
These results compare favorably with those from the "extant only" analysis of morphological characters by Stevenson and Loconte (1996), in which the psilotophytes clade is attached to the stem at a node above the Lycopodiales and below the Equisetales (Stevenson & Loconte, 1996: [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]).