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Second, we investigate whether investor reactions to the current equity issue are influenced by the firm's operating and stock performance following the previous issue.
If there is asymmetric information between managers and investors, the latter interpret an equity issue as a signal about the true value of the firm's equity, which is known only to the management.
The higher stock prices of many New England banks should provide an opportunity for more banks to raise capital with new equity issues.
7 million (pounds 122 million) before expenses via the equity issue.
The offshore contractor Stolt Offshore, part of the Norwegian-controlled Stolt-Nielsen Group, announced on Friday (16 January) a revised equity issue proposal.
Jensen |13^ argues that the proceeds from an equity issue give more discretionary cash to managers which increases the likelihood of non-value maximizing behavior by them.
Unions are already confronting pay and employment equity issues, such as women starting on lower rates of pay than men, not having access to the same terms and conditions, and facing discrimination when they return from maternity leave.
While at SIU, "Sam" was the Managing Editor of GJR and wrote about agricultural and women's equity issues, among other topics.
Special Situation: Sizable New Equity Issues Considerably Affect Valuations
Although Sri Lanka has successfully addressed equity issues in education sector there are unresolved factors and variables those perpetuate inequity.
Equity issues for today's educational leaders; meeting the challenge of creating equitable schools for all.