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We also believe that in many cases equity issues are being used as substitutes for proper regulatory decisions.
The amount of funds raised through public equity issues totaled around 824.
has raised about 200 billion yen through March from Japanese and overseas markets through public equity issues, marking the first public equity issues in 16 years.
First, investor reaction to equity issues by industrial firms is influenced by the number of times a firm has previously sold equity.
We explore three explanations for why investors react less negatively to later equity issues than equity issued earlier.
In this paper we emphasize international equity issues, and hypothesize that the strongest signal to the markets about the intention to internationalize the cost of capital is sent by such an action.
In the empirical analysis we will emphasize the price-reactions on the Swedish equity market to announcements of equity issues abroad by Swedish companies during the period of financial deregulation, 1981-1993.
We identified an initial sample of seasoned equity issues from the semiannual editions of the Investment Dealer's Digest for the period January 1976 through December 1985.
PANEL A: Number of Issues Per Year Number of Offerings for Number of which Current Offerings for which Year Earnings Five-Year Earnings Full Forecasts Are Forecasts Are Year Sample Available Available 1976 31 5 -- 1977 4 2 -- 1978 18 10 -- 1979 21 12 -- 1980 42 35 -- 1981 37 20 -- 1982 43 29 25 1983 122 83 75 1984 21 13 12 1985 40 32 30 Total 379 241 142 PANEL B: Characteristics of the Full Sample of Equity Issues Description Measure Mean Median Number of Shares Issued (millions) 2.
The primary revenue sources of the investment banking industry are from the placement of new debt and equity issues with public and private investors, and the fees associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
OTCBB securities, of which there are more than 3,300, include national, regional, and foreign equity issues, warrants, units, American Depositary Receipts, and Direct Participation Programs.
5 million fixed income and international equity issues, and is a leading supplier of evaluated pricing to more than 4,000 global financial institutions.