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see Przewalski's horsePrzewalski's horse
, wild horse of Asia, Equus przewalski, E. ferus przewalski, or E. caballus przewalski, the only extant wild horse that, in the purebred state, is not descended from the domestic horse.
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(Equus caballus gmelini), a subspecies of the domestic horse and the probable ancestor of several breeds of domestic horses. Once widely distributed in the steppes of the European USSR and some European countries, the tarpan was found in the Ukraine until the 1870’s. It disappeared as a result of natural displacement by herds of domestic animals and partly as a result of extermination. Difficult to domesticate, the tarpan was small, standing 116–136 cm high at the shoulders. The compact body was of a mousy gray color and had a black stripe down the back, a black upright mane, and a black tail.


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