era of good feelings

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era of good feelings,

period in U.S. history (1817–23) when, the Federalist party having declined, there was little open party feeling. After the War of 1812 all sections were anxious to return to a normal life and to forget political issues. The phrase was coined at the time of President Monroe's good-will tour through the North, including New England, where a President had not been seen since the Virginia "dynasty" came into power. Under the surface, however, vast sectional issues were shaping themselves, and personal rivalries also were gathering strength to break loose in the campaign of 1824.


See G. Dangerfield, The Era of Good Feelings (1952, repr. 1963).

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Perhaps this era of good feeling in Gaydom is a natural result of the two huge legal victories we've scored in the past year.
Yet, no one would mistake this time for an era of good feeling.
Political leaders on Beacon Hill have painted a rosy picture of the era of good feeling that would ensue when Democrats controlled both the legislative and executive branches.
But the Lakers promptly won four straight, and Lakers executive Jerry West deemed the new era of good feeling a mere honeymoon for the newlyweds.
While you were sleeping, the Age of Dislocation ended and a new Era of Good Feeling mysteriously began.
But the decade still is remembered fondly as an era of good feeling before the knee-capping recession which ushered in the decidedly more stark 1990s.
None of this is to suggest that a new era of good feelings is necessarily about to dawn.
An era of good feelings startlingly developed around the Lakers this week, after Kobe Bryant indicated that he was happy to be a Laker.
First, whereas the case was launched last year during the outgoing administrations of former presidents Bill Clinton and Ernesto Zedillo, we are now m the era of good feelings between the respective leaders of the United States and Mexico.
SANTA CLARITA - The era of good feelings between the city of Santa Clarita and the county of Los Angeles is waning.
OAKLAND - The era of good feelings, it turned out, was remarkably short.
The recent era of good feelings for goalkeeper Felix Potvin ended in the second period Saturday night, and with it went the Kings' chance to bring a happy end to the calendar year.