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(from Turkic aralash). (1) Disorder, turmoil, confusion, a jumble of something.

(2) (obsolete) A mixture of different kinds of dried preserves, sweetmeats of various sorts, and nuts.

(3) An old card game resembling whist and preference.



(Hodgepodge), a satirical magazine in the form of an album of lithographed caricatures with brief texts, published in St. Petersburg from 1846 to 1849.

The magazine came out quarterly; there were 16 issues. Taking positions that were for the most part democratic, Eralash addressed itself to topical developments in public life, literature and the arts, and daily existence. Most of the caricatures were produced by its editor, the artist M. L. Nevakhovich (1817–50). Other artists contributing to Eralash were N. A. Stepanov and I. I. Pal’m.

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