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Dans le cadre du Forum international de la culture (Festival de la Memoria) qui se tiendra du 17 au 21 septembre courant a Ercolano, ville italienne de la province de Naples dans la region Campanie en Italie (Na), l'artiste peintre marocaine Hayat Saidi participe aux actes du colloque portant sur le theme [beaucoup moins que]Les femmes derriere le voile[beaucoup plus grand que], et ce aux cotes de Sherif El Sebaie, Debora Scolart, Zineb Chafchaouni Moussaqui, Karima Moual et Simona Brandolini.
A) CNR-ISAFOM, Institute for Agricultural and Forestry Systems in the Mediterranean, National Research Council of Italy, Via Patacca 85, 80056 Ercolano, Naples, Italy.
If you prefer to stay local, then Herculaneum Ercolano in Naples is a Greek settlement similarly frozen in time when rivers of hot mud flowed down its streets from the eruption.
Above the raw stone marking where her nose and mouth have been torn away, the soulful eyes of Demetra da Ercolano take on an aspect of sorrow.
While we chose not to climb Mount Vesuvius (or take the easier option of the 20-minute Vesuvio Express bus ride from Ercolano to the crater car park) the devastation of its AD79 eruption is remarkably well preserved for all to see.
Research has shown, however, that the higher the degree of personal injury and more uncertain the risk, the more individuals believe that the government should act to mitigate that risk (Dixon, Hendrickson, Ercolano, Quackenbush & Dixon, 2009; WHO, 2002).
McCorkle R, Ercolano E, Lazenby M, Schulman-Green D, Schilling LS, Lorig K & Wagner EH.
The exhibition 'Pompeii and Europe: 1748-1943', organised by the Soprintendenza Speciale per Pompei, Ercolano e Stabia and currently on view at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale in Naples (with accompanying displays of casts and photographs at the Amphitheatre of Pompeii), is a serious and worthy enterprise that explores the history of the city long after its destruction.
15) Mary Beth Ingham, "John Duns Scotus: An Integrated Vision," in The History of Franciscan Theology 220; Robert North, "The Scotist Cosmic Christ," in De Doctrina Ioannis Duns Scoti (Rome: Ercolano, 1968) 197 n.