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For structural factors driving the evolution of ERDIs in the transition economies, see Stolze (1996).
ERDI will continue to study RPI-78M and its effects on gene expression as well as the drug's effects in histoculture experiments that may further elucidate its mechanism of action.
The scientific staff of ERDI has the expertise necessary to provide the information that we need to move forward with our acquisition of Portage BioMed," he concluded.
ERDI is a full-service contract research organization located in Hillsborough, North Carolina, near Research Triangle Park.
With the near-term completion of the preclinical work by ERDI, we should be able to move into human trials very soon," he added.
ERDI will conduct this research through the end of 2004.
ERDI and HERDI meet regularly for in-depth panel discussions to discuss the current trends in education technology and how current solutions address specific needs in both the K-12 and Higher Education markets.