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see UrukUruk
or Erech
, ancient Sumerian city of Mesopotamia, on the Euphrates and NW of Ur (in present-day S Iraq). It is the modern Tall al Warka. Uruk, dating from the 5th millennium B.C., was the largest city in S Mesopotamia and an important religious center.
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Indeed at Ur and Erech I saw how rustic villages had grown into vast townships just as English villages had grown into manufacturing towns.
beer formed part of the daily wages for men building the Temple Of Erech in Mesopotamia.
23 repeats discussion that appears elsewhere in the volume, the author does indicate how the texts in the volume expand our knowledge of the career and activities of the scribe Nabu-bani-ahi, whom he has discussed elsewhere ("The Scribe Nabu-bani-ahi, son of Ibna, and the Hierarchy of Eanna as Seen in the Erech Contracts," ZA 67 [1977]: 42-52, and "The Temple Scribe in Chaldean Uruk," Visible Language 15 [1981]: 409-18).
The next essay in this section, "Oath-Swearing, the Stone of Erech and the Near East of the Ancient World," continues this theme by focusing on the Stone of Erech in The Lord of the Rings, suggesting it came from Tolkien's study of Near Eastern mythology via the philological works of Sayce.