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a city in southern Turkey, in the vilayet of Konya. Population, 50,000 (1975). Ereğli has a railroad station. It is the trade center of an agricultural region that produces grain, wool, and Angora goats. It has a cotton factory.



a city in northern Turkey, in the vilayet of Zonguldak. Population, 46,000 (1975). Ereğli is a port on the Black Sea. It is one of Turkey’s most important centers for the mining of anthracite and manganese ore. The city also has a metallurgical plant.

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Turkey currently has naval bases at Mersin and Iskenderun on the Mediterranean Sea, Aksaz and Foca on the Aegean Sea, Golcuk on the Sea of Marmara, Eregli on the Black Sea, and at Istanbul and Canakkale on the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits.
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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development loan will finance a comprehensive investment programme that will help the companies make the most effective use of resources in manufacturing processes at their two plants in Eregli on the Black Sea coast and Iskenderun on the eastern Mediterranean coast.
Terrible event, took place in northern Turkish province of Zonguldak's Eregli district, was caught on tape.