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(desert candle), a genus of herbs of the family Liliaceae. (The genus is sometimes divided into several genera.) The rhizome is compact; the roots are dense, frequently fleshy, and spindle-shaped. The leaves are radical, long, and linear. The flower stalk is much longer than the leaves. The inflorescence is a many-flowered terminal raceme. The perianth may be white, yellow, pink, reddish, or brown. The fruit is a spherical capsule.

Of the more than 50 species, at least 30 occur in the USSR. They are found from the Crimea and the Caucasus to the Altai and Himalayas. The plants occur in steppes and deserts at elevations to 3,500 m. Many species are ornamental, particularly E. olgae and E. robustus. The roots of some species, for example, E. spectabilis, contain dextrine and other substances used to make glue. Paint is produced from the leaves. Young shoots are edible when cooked. The plants are nectar-bearers.


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The lobby of the museum was centered with a towering arrangement of white beauty eremurus, white gladioli, green hydrangeas, white mountain lilies, Creme de la Creme roses, blush roses, buttercream stock, and white hybrid delphinium.
Analysis and the study of the developmental structure and karyotype of several species of Eremurus and the effect of GA3 treatment on its germination (Masters thesis) Islamic Azad university- Tehran (shomal)- Iran.
Choose from the orange-yellow Eremurus Moneymaker, the salmon pink Roford, or the white himalaicus.
And if you're not keen on pink there are other great combinations such as lime green molucella, royal blue gentiana or bright orange eremurus.
In addition to tulips and daffodils, you may also want to plant other bulbs, such as spring-flowering scilla, puschkinia, muscari, fritillaria, allium, camassia, eremurus, plus many more.
Foxtail Lilies - Eremurus - good punctuation plant in the garden but it is one that Carol has to battle with in the fight against slugs.
FOXTAIL lilies, or eremurus, create a spectacular display, at the back of a bed or border.
Eremurus - also known as the foxtail lily or desert candle.
This week's online special offer is an Eremurus White Beauty for half price.
The same effect can be used with a foliage base of salal, hard ruskus or pittosporum and for the taller flowers try calla lilies, longi lilies or eremurus.
So, look out for Lilium, Gloriosa, Cardiocrinum, Eucomis, Gladioli, Iris, Ornithogalum, Eremurus and lots, lots more.
NATIVE to dry grasslands, foxtail lilies or eremurus add height and glamour in early summer.