Greece: see LávrionLávrion
or Laurium
, town (1991 pop. 8,846), E central Greece, in Attica; a port on the Aegean Sea. It is a mining, smelting, and shipping center for lead, manganese, and cadmium ores. Silver was mined there from the 6th to the 2d cent. B.C.
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77), si dipanano due ulteriori interessanti considerazioni: la prima relativa alle apparenti contraddizioni interne agli ergasteria danteschi, la seconda concernente il profetismo dantesco.
Ergasteria non aperiantur; uenalia non exponantur, exceptis illis sine quibus caena duci non potest.
The 21 chapters in volume one recount the theories of such early penological thinkers as Franci Filippo, Pope Clementi XI, John Howard, Thomas Eddy, Elizabeth Burney Fry, and Sarah Martin, and report early experiments at such institutions as the Ergasteria of Amsterdam, the Maison de Force, the Panopticon, and the Walnut Street Gaol.